Not a Bad Day

A pretty good day overall. I went out biking, down to the test house in the town south of here to do a download. The weather has been absolutely glorious recently--it has started to cool off for the season; biking was perfectly comfortable wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and a fleece vest. Followed by lunch at my favorite local bakery.

Made dinner for Dan and Daniel--he has posted a description of the meal quite nicely already. Frozen unagi (a bit disappointing--I've had better ones; I need to avoid this brand in the future), kabocha (Japanese pumpkin--very happy to find it at the local farmer's market, a.k.a. buttercup squash--not butternut), scary-looking Japanese pickled vegetables, broccoli, and miso soup. It was nice to entertain--I haven't done so in a while, and they are delightful dinner company.

Incidentally, Daniel mentions the new pedestrian bridge that they're installing in the park, on my walk to school. I got some photos of it yesterday; it must have been a real monster to move down the road.

It's all a single big welded steel arch-shaped truss structure--pretty nuts. Seems pretty hard core to make it as a single piece, instead of field-assembled components. Very nice looking though; the welds look good, and they added some metal decorative elements on the sides.

Yeah, you're telling me, brother.

The down side of today: I got very little done on the literature review/background section of my thesis. My goal is to get it done in the next two weeks or so... not sure how likely that is at this pace. Grr.


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