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Just got home this evening from my travels (the YYZ-DEN-BOS-SFO itinerary).

The annoyances travelling today: first of all, DFW is not "on the way" from San Francisco to Toronto. Just in case that wasn't obvious. However, United/Air Canada seems to find this the right route to send me on.

Second, my SFO->DFW was delayed by 35 minutes or so. Fortunately, my connecting flight was delayed, so I made the connection--barely. They were announcing my name and getting ready to shut the doors when I rushed up from the tramway. Fortunately, I didn't have to spend a night in Dallas. However, my baggage did not rush across the airport nearly as quickly, and made it to the gate too late. Fortunately, this is the end of my trip, so I am in no rush to be reunited with my dirty laundry.

Anyway, this three-week trip was a total blast: thanks so much to everyone who shared their hospitality and hung out in some of my favorite places. I have many updates to post, but I think I need sleep first.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger dan said...

It's something of a surprise to me that even being routed throught DFW, you only added about 300 miles to the distance you would have gone if you'd flown direct (as I will be in five hours...).

Are you drawing those maps just in a usual paint program, or have you found some web service for it? I should do "dan's year of travel"....

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Bats said...

True enough on the routing... I guess once you factor in any connection, that's the dominant timing element, as opposed to the miles travelled.

For mapping things I use Microsoft Streets & Trips--I have found it incredibly useful to have a map of North America locally on my laptop. It has actually saved my butt a bunch of times (open it up in the car while I'm the navigator, and follow our route real-time). It has some basic graphic functions (those circles and lines) built in. Sorry... not some cool web widget.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Bats said...

UPDATE: It's been almost 24 hours since I landed, and they have not found my bag yet. That's right--it's not that they have failed to deliver it, but nobody has told me that it has shown up in the system. Grr.

This is especially annoying because I realize how much I lowballed my statement of what I was carrying. They asked for the value of the contents, and I guessed $300 off the top of my head. Only after walking away and doing a mental count did I realize how far off it was: the clothing (at least) would be that much, not to mention the 30 GB external hard drive, my night bite guard, Six Feet Under Season 4 on DVD, two books (including a present), and a pair of shoes. Grr. It better show up.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger dan said...

Oof. I am thinking good bag karma in your direction.

[But then again, given my travel karma, that might backfire. Hmmm.]

I think at one point we had the Delorme atlas for a computer, but it does make sense as a useful thing to have on a laptop, in particular...

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Bats said...



I was really afraid of it coming to this:

After the airlines have paid passengers whose luggage cannot be traced or identified, the residue, along with unclaimed air freight shipments, goes to places like Scottsboro. This makes Unclaimed Baggage at 509 West Willow Street, Scottsboro, Ala., and the place across the way, T & W Unclaimed Baggage, 506 West Willow Street, whose merchandise is less elegant, the airborne descendants of railroad salvage.


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