Continued Bay Area Visit

Yay! Another bullet-point based post! Continued fun in the Bay Area.
  • Friday night: dinner with Jen, Schmooz, Max, Delaney, Perlick, and Bradley in Mountain View, immediately followed by liquid nitrogen ice cream at Bradley's place. Many flavors and much ice cream was consumed--a very fun time. Somebody did bring a durian fruit, but despite my claims at being an omnivore, I did not attempt it on this occasion. Yeah, I know, friggin' weak.

  • Friday night: Survival Research Labs San Jose show, "Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Desecration," with U-Boat, Christy, and Perlick. Robotic machines shooting fire and projectiles and destroying each other, along with wailing jet engines and a Tesla coil shooting lightning all around. A definite good time, although I had to hang off the side of the bleachers in order to see anything. See somebody else's blog post about the event, which included a bunch of good photos. Incidentally, I was not generally worried about the projectiles and gouts of flame, but when the vehicles with gas cylinders started to get zapped by the Tesla coil, that genuinely started to worry me. Aren't there truck bombs in Iraq made of explosives and acetylene gas cylinders or something? Hrm...

  • Saturday morning: Oakland Farmer's Market with Christy, which included a flat of gorgeous-looking heirloom tomatoes. Man... California really does have the produce thing going on. Christy is currently oven-roasting tomatoes... they smell awesome.

  • Saturday Afternoon: The Bay Area Power Picnic, organized by Perlick. Included a strong showing of kids, including Spider and Eli's Kayla, Jen and Schmooz's Max and Delaney, and Crack and Joslyn's Lorelei.

    It included more liquid nitrogen ice cream; the last of the LN2 was diposed of via eiting. A good time for all.

Brunch at U-Boat and Christy's tomorrow morning. Woo hoo!


At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SRL! Awesome!


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Bug said...

    Yeah, I know, friggin' weak.

Having tried it, I'd say you showed intelligence rather than weakness. But then, I never grokked Clamatto either...


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