A Few Nice Domestic Days

After the stress of the conference and giving presentations on minimal notice, I took the subway to the airport, and hopped a bus to see Leper & Elizabeth in Oberlin. I've been there a bunch of times, so I just got off the bus and wandered over to their place by mid-afternoon.

Incidentally, they are part of my network of people that I can crash with in case of airport strandings. I have CLE, JFK/LGA/EWR (Perlick, sister, parents), BWI (Squanto), DEN (Beemer), SFO/OAK/SJC (Bay Area Folks.*), DCA/IAD (Beef & Laurel) and MSP (psycho security guard) taken care of. Anybody have friends to crash with near Chicago or Detroit (ORD/MDW or DTW)?

Anyway, I finally got to meet young Miss Zenobia! She is even more cute in person than the pictures would indicate, if that can be believed. We all had a great couple of quiet domestic days--everybody needed to get some work done during the week, and then we all had dinner together. Many, many thanks to Rob and Elizabeth for their wonderful hospitality. I made omelettes this morning and did a few dishes, but I don't think that quite repays it.

Incidentally, I have always had a hard time overcoming my fear of babies--my levels are initially high, and then decline over time--see my description of previous experiences. However, Miss Z. has a winning laugh and charm, and is more than happy to play with the various bouncing balls, or the fuzzy-blue-ball-that-rolls-all-over-you game:

I think that I have to analyze any popularity I have with the under-two crowd with this quote from a Salon article on the place of fat guys in society ("Fat guys kick ass", 1999):

...Western culture's belief that thin is better is a rejection not only of common sense but also of basic human instinct. Children and animals (the most anthropologically pure subjects available) love fat guys. Watch the baby's face light up when it sees a fat guy. Watch the dog beg for a fat guy's attention. They understand.

Heh. It's definitely fun being a visiting uncle.

Anyway, a few busy days in town, then off to Canada on Thursday!


At 1:35 AM, Anonymous bump said...

I'll add one to your list, come on down if you're stuck at IND.


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