Zero-Effort Hummus

I have made hummus only once in the past (back in the 90's, actually)--it was an annoyingly involved process, especially because I cooked the chick peas from dried, and the resulting dip resembled garbanzo Play-Doh (and for those of you who ate too much Play-Doh as a kid, no, that's not meant as a positive description).

I was browsing in Rodney's Bookstore (used bookstore in Central Square), and came across a copy of Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen. One of the recipes is his low-effort hummus--so simple, he doesn't even give a real recipe there (toss a can of chick peas into the food processor, add some of this, some of that, spin it up, good to go). I made it, and I think my reaction is that I'll probably never bother buying hummus again. The basic recipe is available online at the Food Network website.

I substituted tahini (i.e., the real stuff) instead of peanut butter, and I used less olive oil. And I just threw in a splash of bottled lemon juice instead of lemon + zest. But I was pretty impressed--definitely garlicky (perhaps a bit too much bite, if you're trying to be civilized).

So JMD--no excuses about not having the recipe now! You can make a batch of roasted red pepper hummus. The tahini's in the fridge.


At 1:20 PM, Anonymous aj said...

I so heart Alton.

...And I still have some frozen Meyer Lemon juice from Mom (who has a Meyer lemon tree in her back yard in FL). Let me know if you want to try some, lest it all get made into lemonade or Margaritas... not that this would be a bad thing...

At 5:45 PM, Blogger j.ho said...

I soooooo heart Meyer lemons! <3 You're so lucky! Bats - those were the yummy lemons I was making you sniff last time you visited.

You can also make a yummy bean dip from navy or cannelini beans, evoo, garlic and lemon. Try it with some capers folded in. YUM!

I so need a food processor.


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