Work work work

I've been down here in Tampa working for the past four days on that shipping container project. Things are going pretty well--watching the crane lift the container off the flatebed was pretty friggin cool, and it was fun to help them rig up to lift it. It didn't help anyone's blood pressure when the crane operator initially lifted the box, and found out it was 13,000 lbs instead of 6,000 lbs, as per the trucker's manifest... oops. But it ended up working out, and we're close to the finishing point for the job.

But I'm getting more and more tired. That and the fact that I'm driving down to Fort Myers on Monday, to work on a second job. Well... we're getting some nice meals out of the deal, and I'll be back up in Boston on Thursday, whether that second job is done or not.


At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's 7,000 lbs that should have been dropped off in the Everglades? Hot damn, Wise Ass Vinnie sure likes to work by bulk.


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