Still Can Keep Up

This post is being written in a hazy stupor after a self-inflicted night of debauchery at 2 AM. Okay, not quite debauchery--just an evening of excessive drinking with the guys. One of my labmates was having his stag night (translated from Canadian: bachelor party) tonight, a few months before his wedding, due to scheduling conflicts. The activities included a steak dinner, followed by a pub crawl of the local downtown area. My personal goal was to try to match the character of the drink to each bar. The nine of us hit:
  • [edit] Ali Baba (dinner here; steak house): pint of ale, a few glasses of beaujolais.
  • The Duke of Wellington (British pub, complete with the football match on the telly): pint of Guinness
  • The Vault (ultra-stylish bar with a thumping backbeat; the place seems perpetually empty): Manhattan-based drink (a "Brooklyn Bridge": whiskey, red vermouth, plus a dash of cherry brandy to smooth it out.)
  • The Silver Spur (horrible karaoke/Western bar): shot of Tequilla (I am heading back to the States to collect my guns if I hear another version of "You're as cold as ice/You're willing to sacrifice our love...")
  • Jane Bond (a funky bar with a relaxed hang-out atmosphere): a "Blue Velvet"--martini-type drink based off of Blue Curacao
  • The Heuther (the local hang-out-and-drink pitchers of beer place): several pints of the in-hour brewed beer

I'm just glad that I managed to keep up with the ~25 year olds that were there. In fact, they stopped drinking before I did. Heh. I guess living at Tep was good for something, right? Now I just have to hope that synthetic livers are coming soon...

Anyway, I think we showed the groom a very good time that will require a morning of recovery, at the very least. A very interesting dynamic going on between the groom and the married matron of honor, but that's a story for another time.

As for me: a liter of water, two prophylactic Advils, and time for bed. G'night.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Bats said...

Follow up: in case you were wondering, my Saturday morning wasn't that bad--standard morning-after routine. Woke up around 10, had a glass of juice and two advils, and went back to sleep. Two hours later, I was up and somewhat functional.

The groom that we were throwing the party for was a little worse for wear, though:

(10:11:39) Bats: Hey Mr. B--hope recovery on Saturday wasn't too bad.
(10:12:01) Mr. B: I recovered but I wasn't good
(10:12:08) Mr. B: I don't remember a lot of Friday
(10:12:12) Bats: Ouch :P
(10:12:19) Mr. B: And I couldn't keep anything down on Saturday morning
(10:12:32) Mr. B: After Jane Bond ya a lot of Bouts
(10:12:36) Bats: Yeah, I've had those days.
(10:12:53) Mr. B: People start to tell me about the stuff I was drinking and I can't remember it


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