Man... I love airports that have free wireless (just arrived at TPA; waiting for my coworkers to show up).

As an update: just spent the past two days helping Bird and Jen work on their kitchen--I didn't get photos in my camera; have to get them from Jen. They also took me to the very nice steakhouse and pizza place in Dover. It's just practice for my travel-the-country-with-a-truck-full-of-tools (and help fix friends' houses) plan for my retirement.

[Update: photo of kitchen renovation in progress courtesy of Jen]


At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Perlick said...

Dude, why wait for retirement?! You've got enough friends with houses now that you could get started on it right now! Plus now that you've admitted that kids don't terrify you any more, you could even pull a couple babysitting shifts!

Wait, why do I care? I live in a shoebox. Hrm.


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