Back in the Saddle...

For those of you not on the East Coast, we have had a wonderful spate of great weather recently--sunny, and highs up in the 60s. Also, I have been gradually recovering from my flu/pneumonia mess. As a result: this Thursday was the first time I biked to work since--[embarrassing!]--February 5th!

It was nice to do that again--waiting for the bus can get really old. Plus the nice feeling of having a bit of a workout before and after work, and enjoying the sunshine.

Incidentally, I got to try out my new prescription sports sunglasses on this ride--they work pretty darn well. Some people might criticize flexible spending accounts (FSAs) as "helping the rich," but hey, I'm pretty happy to buy them with pre-tax dollars.

They are photosensitive, not straight-up sunglasses--so they are still useful after dark. They are Liberty Sport F8 Slams--strong recommend--wrap-around frame, and comes complete with an integrated brain strap. The frames are close-fitting enough that they touch my face--takes a little getting used to, but they are okay after that.

However, I have to admit that when the tinting turns "off," they do look pretty dorktastic (yeah, almost birth control device dorktastic). As evidenced by the photo above. Heck, S. even got in on the action too in this glamor shot (wearing Jean's new crocheted creation)!

Yeah, I think she needs to be flying an open-cockpit biplane with this outfit on.


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