Bumper Stickers (Seen in Passing)

While driving to work, I saw a car ahead of me, and recognized from a distance that the back of the car was covered with those hateful red “MARRIAGE = [MAN] + [WOMAN]” bumper stickers. Three of them… ugh. But as I got closer, I saw an Obama sticker. Um, whaa? Pulled up a bit closer, and saw:

Hellsyeah. Awesome.

Incidentally, given how Cambridge/Somerville is such a small place, if anybody knows this person, please buy him/her a beer on me.

I’d put those stickers on myself, except that I place a priority of being to road trip around the country without getting shot.

Actually, an awesome hack would be to buy a whole bunch of “MARRIAGE = [MAN] + [MAN]” stickers, and cover up existing “MARRIAGE = [MAN] + [WOMAN]” bumper stickers… and see how long it would take for the car owners to notice.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great thing is that you'd only need a bunch of the [MAN] or [WOMAN] icons. The rest is already taken care of. :-)

(And this person has very good taste in beer, too...)


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