The 30,000 Foot Tourist

I just created a new photo set on Flickr, that I'm calling The 30,000 Foot Tourist--it follows a pattern that I have long established on this blog:

I realize that I habitally book the window seat when I'm travelling by plane, and I snap some photos when I'm flying over something interesting. Here's a collection of what I've shot over the years. Natural and man-made features, interesting stuff at airports, stuff like that.

Anyway, I keep on wondering if I ever end up in a plane crash, whether I might have the presence of mind to keep snapping pictures on the way down. Hey... it might turn out useful to the crash investigators, right? ("at 18:22, shows that flaps were fully extended..."). If you can identify my body by the Brass Rat + Iron Ring combination, and find the associated SD card, be sure that somebody downloads the card to check. As a warning, I might put the SD card in my wallet--seems like a few more layers might give it a slightly better chance in the fire.


At 10:11 PM, Blogger j4 said...

Yesterday I departed out of OAK, and our flight pattern took us directly over SFO at 10k feet or so. It was pretty neat to get to look down over the airport, and I was seated right behind the wing, so it would have been a nicely framed photo. But I don't have a camera. Eit!

I even thought, "Too bad Bats isn't here."

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Bats said...

Aw man... that sounds like it would have been an awesome shot. Heh. Thanks for thinking of me!


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