Coffee Hour: Kid Invasion!

Julie and Nikho (and their two sons) are doing a big road trip this summer--Nikho's up for tenure, and he wanted to take his family out travelling. So they've seen Rebar & Christy, Beef & Laurel, Hardpack & Milena, a variety of non-Tep friends, and will be seeing Woody & Robin, Leper & Elizabeth on their drive back. So to celebrate their stop in Boston, we had a great big coffee hour at my place!

Loads of kids were at this shindig--not just Julie & Nikho's, but Raj & Bindu's (daughter and son), Linder's baby, and T Stop & Jessie's Miss V.

Of course, bagels with all the fixins' were served:

(Canonical bagel: cream cheese, lox, slivered red onion, capers, cracked black pepper. Nom nom nom).

Also, Indy brought over his newly-purchased Smart Car. So cute! All of us geeked out around it...

Jean and BirdJen got to take it for a drive. Also, I took it upon myself to demonstrate that a person can fit in the back cargo area. Okay, not very comfortably. But you can fit.

As usual, events continued on into the afternoon... all good.

Great to see everyone! Safe and happy travels, Julie & Nikho!


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