A Shout Out to my Favorite Ithacans

Um... actually, at this point, it's a case of "favorie former Ithacans," I think--has everyone left the area now in a diaspora from Cornell?

Anyway, on Monday's BOS-SFO flight, I was sightseeing from 30,000 foot window seat, as I often like to do. Looking out the left side of the plane a little while after takeoffs, I saw a really distinctive looking, long thin lake...

Hey wait... there are more of them. Oh hey, we're flying over the Finger Lakes! Cool! Sorry that the photo is so lousy--you might not really be able to tell water from land, but it was pretty obvious from my seat. Looking closer, I recognized I-90 running East-West. Couldn't make out the Erie Canal, though.

And for reference, the Wikipedia map:

I guess, just in general, thoughts of Ithaca make me smile. Then again, I haven't spent all that much wintertime there. Heh.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger centrallyisolated said...

Hey! I'm still here! Next time you're flying over, parachute down and say hi...


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