Mixed Signals

I was walking around Greenwich Village last night, on the way to the Village Vanguard, when I saw the crossing sign lit up like this:

Um, what? You'd think that they would have some pretty serious hard-wired fail-safes to keep this from happening. At least I hope that's the case with traffic lights.

And just in case anybody else was thinking of the punchline, it's been running through my mind as well: "Hey, wait! I dated her!" (sorry)

Also, I thought this was an entirely clever (albeit grim) driver bicycle-awareness billboard--from The New York City Bicycle Safety Coalition (part of the NYC government):

Aha... it's also available as a PDF poster here--you can make out the detail, where it is clear that a cyclist bounced off the windshield. And hey... a similar, and even more grimly funny one.


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