On Da Boat to New Yawk

Just a few days into my New York trip; the first leg was a drive down from Boston to Bridgeport, CT, to catch the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry. I normally drive all the way (no ferry), because my folks are pretty close to the Queens side of Long Island--it doesn't make too much sense to cut across the sound. But I was headed to a class on hydronic/radiator/boiler heating in Smithtown, so this route made sense. I have to say, there's something intrinsically neat about driving onto ferries, I think.

A nice relaxing ride across the sound; there was a bit of drizzle, so I had the outdoor top deck mostly to myself. Stared into the waves for a while.

One amusing tidbit: I got into my car on the lower ferry deck, and powered up my GPS (a Mio, based on Jofish's recommendation)--and it told me that--indeed--I was on the Bridgeport-Port Jeff ferry (as opposed to freaking out--"Aaaaahhhh!!! You're not on a road!! You're not on a road!!! Aaaaaahhh!") Okay... color me impressed. Although I wonder what the icon of "boat with red slash through it" means. Perhaps: "Don't drive, don't make any turns. No, really."

Anyway, a short drive over to the seminar. If I had any worries if I was in the right place for a boiler heating seminar--check out the collection of plumbers' vans:

Um, yeah. Right place. Made it home to my folks' place that night around 10ish.


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