Lookitt my Buuuut!!! Redux

I am just continuing the saga of trying to find dress pants that actually fit me--the backstory, if you're interested, included attempts at quantifying my ass size (Flat/Average/Prominent/Wide).

I have never had pants that fit me, because I am so ridiculously shaped--I'm in the bottom 1% of adult male heights in this country, and borderline overweight/obese according to BMI charts. As a result, my pants are 36 waist/30 inseam, with the bottom six inches lopped off the leg (yes, that's right--a 24 inch inseam). This means the seat of my pants are baggy, and the crotch hangs down well below the normal location.

My Lands End custom khakis came a few weeks ago, and I decided to check how they compare with my current dress casual pants. First, check out the comparison just lying flat:

Yeah, I know, "Sponge Bat Square Pants." To clarify one point--the new pants (khaki) are long, and the old (olive) ones are hemmed too short (ride up above my shoes). Also, my old pants are 38 x 30s, hacked off at the leg. So when I'm walking around, it feels like the legs are flapping around in the breeze--the new ones have a much better fit around the legs.

The thighs seem to "bloom" out pretty badly--albeit not to German SS uniform levels. This might just be initial stiffness of the fabric. The butt is relatively saggy still--hrm, perhaps my ass is not as prominent as I thought it was.

Also, the beltline-to-crotch distance could be reduced... if I fold the beltline down once, the fit is actually pretty decent.

For comparison, here are my previous pants.

I think I might order a new pair, but with a low rise, instead of regular. Also, maybe I should play with the Torso:Legs proportions. Oh yeah... and change the ass setting.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hott!!! the LE pants are much better. Instead of folding them over, if I were you I would take them to a tailor. Get a professional to take them in properly --- and then get their advice on how you should order said pants in future. They can also give you all your correct measurements etc. :)

At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Leper said...

I made zenobia a pair of pants out of an old shirt last weekend. It was pretty fun (I have a treadle sewing machine.)


No I am not going to make you pants!


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