Opened up the Compost Bin and What Did I See?

Huh... for some reason, that sounds like it ought to be a song lyric.

When I emptied out the compost container this morning, I saw a bunch of "volunteer" seedlings trying to make their way towards the sunlight:

Huh... it was a nice thing to see in the spring. I think I might rescue a few of them--more to figure out what seedlings they are--before I turn the pile.


At 11:00 PM, Blogger j.ho said...

Awe, that's cute. At the farm all sorts of things would grow in the compost pile. Those were some mighty plants - they were completed neglected and thrived. Yay decomposing organic matter!

At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Leper said...

I finally got my compost heap to steam like they are suppose to. It was a soggy, super-stinky mess after winter, obviously seriously anaerobic. I remembered that sawdust is suppose to be bad for your garden because it sucks all the nitrogen out, and I clearly had way to much water and nitrogen and not enough air. So I mixed in about 8 gallons of oak shavings from the planer and mixed it up (stink!). Two weeks later, odor-free and steaming!


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