Okay, Maybe I Have a Problem

Yeah, maybe I'm going a bit overboard on that CFLs for a buck each deal at Tag's:

This is actually my uninstalled stockpile--six are already installed, for a total of 24 bulbs (four trips to the hardware store). But $1 each! Woo!

JMD pointed out that at a five year guaranteed lifetime, I would have enough bulbs to keep a single fixture supplied with CFLs for 120 years. Yeah.

What's worse is that I'm getting my work colleagues hooked too--after I let them know, four different coworkers also bought their six bulbs each--including one who is bringing them back home with him to Toronto.

I don't know if any locals are still interested in the sale, but it's still going on (and still in stock) as of Saturday afternoon. However, the clerk said that they're flying out the door, even though they're not even advertising the sale (um, except for energy geeks who do that as a matter of course). It's bad enough they just have piles of the empty boxes by the stand now.


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