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Last night, A, Guy, Judy, and I went to see the This American Life 2007 Tour, recorded on stage at the Boston Opera House. The segments were performed by Sarah Vowell, Jonathan Goldstein, and Dan Savage.

It was a wonderful couple of hours of smiling, laughing, and, well, seeing the magic of TAL being created. For instance, they even ended the live show with the credits, and "...management oversight by Torey Malatia, who says..." [quote from story]--even better yet, the sound techs didn't have the mike on for the first take, so Glass had to say, "..take two," followed by the lead-in, and then the quote (read there by Sarah Vowell).

In case you're curious, the episode we saw will be broadcast on Saturday, March 17th (on WBUR, at least).

They had some video segments of the the upcoming television version of TAL on Showtime, as well an interview with the director, Chris Wilcha. He nervously/jokingly observed that he is in a lose-lose situation. He will either become known as "the guy who destroyed TAL by putting it on TV," or the show will be a great success, and Ira Glass will get all the credit. A bit like being an engineer, actually (i.e., the only engineers anyone remembers are the ones attached to some major disaster).

Two personal notes after seeing the show:

Being back in Boston = teh r0x0r. I realize these might seem like small things to most of you, but I really appreciate that: (1) this show came to the town I'm living in, (2) I can convince some friends to go see it with me, (3) I can have dinner at Diva before the show with one of them, and (4) I can get to the whole shebang via bus and subway.

Oh yeah, second thing: Sarah Vowell = teh sexy (okay, maybe I'm weird that way, but funny women are awesome).


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous aj said...

...as are funny men, regardless of sexual orientation. I paid way too much for a couple of paperbacks, but I figured, heck, it supports npr, right? Samll extra bonus I realized when I got home: they're signed! By the authors, even!

Should I be worried that I'm reading a book about marriage? [Dan Savage's The Commitment, which rocks BTW].

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Christy said...

We haven't been able to get tickets for anything here in the bay area- it all sells out before you can blink. Another reason to be happy you're in Boston.


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