Wedding Post Part II: The Wedding

I kind of doubt that anyone is interested in a blog post about the wedding from... wow... a month and a half ago now. But my OCD compels me to write a Part II blog post to follow up on my post on the first half of that trip to the Bay Area. I'll try to keep it brief... but based on the photos I took, I probably won't.

Out-of-towners mostly started filtering in to the Bay Area on Thursday--U5, Rebecca, and Sarah were all on the same BOS-SFO flight, so I ran into JMD at the waiting area... it's funny being in another city, and running into your housemate at the airport without planning it.

Sarah and I headed up to SF, to pick up Bird and Jen, grab lunch, and hit the road. We had to stop, though, to look at the Golden Gateand be a little bit touristy... a beautiful day in the Bay Area...

... as well as a detour to Muir Woods (I'd never been there, so it was a must-stop).

The wedding was up in Healdsburg--wine and touristy country; a lovely area. We had a bit of slack time, so we made excellent use of it. Healdsburg is an absolutely charming place... lunch at Costeaux French Bakery; a walkable downtown. U5, Rebecca, Perlick, Sarah, and I went out kayaking... Sarah had wanted to take me out on the water for a while. A very nice, calm paddle... S. and I were in the two-seater, so we didn't do anything that challenging...

Given the tribe of folks up there, we rented houses (becoming known as 'Kid House,' 'Jess House,' etc.)... so communal meals (with Christy in charge) were a fun activity. The mix of friends included the Cornell crowd, who I've met during my many trips through Ithaca during grad school, and love dearly.

One of the food preparation highlights--Christy brought her stick blender for the carrot soup. This got our collective creativity moving... this is what you can do with stick blender + seedless watermelon. Awesome.

The morning before the wedding, Sarah, Caitlin and I managed to squeeze in a trip to a few wineries... it would be sad to go up to Wine Country, and not actually spend any time sampling. I enjoyed geeking out on the various technological pieces of winemaking--such as the gigantic fans used to keep frost from damaging the vines during cold snaps.

Oh yeah... the wedding itself! It was held at the Alexander Valley Community Hall, nestled between vineyards.

A lovely outdoor ceremony... both sets of parents were completely wonderful and gracious hosts. Some excellent toasts delivered Jofish's sister Sarah, Kip, all MC'd by the lovely and brilliant Miss Janet. Also, Indy followed the flower girls in the procession, as the Fairy Queen. Yay!

... and Jofish and Erin were utterly brilliant... but who would expect otherwise?

The Cornell crowd did an a capella rewrite of For the Longest Time, in regards to Jofish and Erin. Also, the tEps inflicted a crock song on the crowd... as well as the usual Hava Nagila (did anyone get a picture of that?).

Oh yeah--in case anyone wants some linky goodness--JMD's pics, Kip's pics, some great ones from somebody I don't know, but Google found them for me. If there are more links to add, let me know!

Oh yeah... the family photo, c/o JMDBirdJen!:

Incidentally, this was the first time I had ever taken a date to a wedding--turns out that this was true for my sweetie as well. Cool.

Anyway, this is the newest photo that is proudly displayed among my collection of wedding group photos. Yay!


At 5:16 PM, Blogger j.ho said...

Dude that's totally my photo. Am I really resembling JMD that much these days? Hmmmm... RD vs RN, love of yarn, obsessed with cats, propensity towards being a shut-in, crotchety attitude. I guess we are morphing into the same person.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Bats said...

Whoops... yeah, you're totally right; I had the photos labelled backwards on my hard drive. But the crazy-cat-lady-cranky-shut-in is a pretty strong resemblance! ;)

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