Meet the Unicorn

This past weekend, I threw a coffee hour because, well, dammit, it’s been a while since I did it, and I like having a bunch of friends over. So the invitation went out:

I'm having a coffee hour over at my and Jean's place this Sunday, starting at 11:22ish!

Food contributions (juice, fruit, snacks) would be appreciated--we will supply coffee, bagels, cream cheese, lox, capers, & slivered red onions (read: the classic Real Damn Bagel preparation).

And oh yeah--you'll get to meet this woman that I'm dating: her name is Sarah; for those who don't know, we met via Raj and Bindu. Yeah, I know, "Suuurre... and we'll also get to meet a unicorn, and a leprechaun with a pot of gold, too, right?" Fair enough. Find out if I'm delusional or not on Sunday…

I got some amusing replies… for instance B. (Raj’s wife), who was Sarah and my avenue of introduction, pointed out: “We'll show up for a little while (at least until Vivek starts destroying your place). It would be a bit hard for me to deny Sarah's existence.”

As for coffee hour: there was a wonderful turnout—thank you for coming, everyone! Also, in classic Tep coffee hour fashion, people were filtering in and out throughout the day, from 11:22ish to 2 PM or so. Special appearances by baby Aaron (Linder’s son), and Morton and Sarah brought Miss Brynn.

Sarah had a great time meeting everyone—when I asked her later, “Any big surprises on the folks you met?,” she replied, “Nah, about the same crowd of geeks that I was expecting.” Fits in well with the tribe: check.

Also, in re the unicorn comment—mad props to JMD… she stopped by a store that had Beanie Babies, and immediately grabbed this one for the party. Sarah managed to get her hands on a ceramic leprechaun as well… too awesome.

Festivities stretched our throughout the day… in fact, a few folks ended up hanging out through dinner… we went out for Argentinian. A lovely way to wrap up a weekend.


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