Three copies of my thesis (printed on acid-free 25% cotton content archival paper) are now packaged up with a FedEx label, for delivery to Canada.

I have uploaded my 15 MB thesis PDF to the electronic thesis submission site.

Took me until midnight last night to finish this, but hey, it's done. It still feels like there are an infinite number of things that can go wrong betweeen now and September 28th. However, since I'm heading out for a vacation for a week, there's nothing I'll be able to do about it--so I figure it's not worrying about.

On a plane in seven hours! Woot!


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, Bats! Getting the hardcopy out is a big step!

Where are you going on vacation?

Jen in NoCal

At 1:04 PM, Blogger Bats said...


I'm going on a camping trip to the Badlands in South Dakota. A bunch of us are getting together--Bird, Ouija, Drea, and Jess/Chuck. I'm totally psyched about it--finishing lunch, then getting on a plane!


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