Contrast: Long Island

In comparison to my time in the city, these are the highlights of the last two days out on Long Island:

  • I went to Home Depot, and bought some parts for downspouts and an attic fan. Holy crap, I've been on four Home Depot runs on this trip. Well, at least I got to check out a box truck that looks like what I want for my drive-around-the-country-visiting-friends-and-fixing-their-houses-plan—complete with air deflector over the cab and nice rims.

    Of course, a diesel truck with a SVO (straight vegetable oil) conversion would be a requirement to assuage my guilt about driving all over the place—assuming that used fryolator oil is not a substance that people fight over by the time I retire. I suppose the question is where I will sleep—perhaps build a little air conditioned/heated cabin at the front of the box.

  • I migrated mass email subscriptions from flitterfly (which is currently a 200-spam-a-day collection point) to my gmail account. Over dialup. In my defense, like I said, my DVD player isn't working.

  • Spent some time looking at the sky figuring out the air traffic over my folks' house. There are planes every five minutes or so, and they are heading roughly southwest, to the south of my position (estimated path shown in blue). It seems like that's a reasonable vector to be landing at JFK (shown in red for comparison).

    However, it seems like they might be ascending rather than descending—possible that planes loop out of LaGuardia over the water, and cross over Long Island to head down the east coast? But they mostly seem to be large planes, and many of them are carriers that I do not instantly recognize, suggesting international flights landing at JFK. I believe that I saw one of them drop its landing gear as it was flying.

    I need to find one of those animated air traffic maps… once I'm not on dialup anymore.

Anyway, I'm skipping out of Long Island this afternoon. As you might be able to tell, I think I've had enough of this.


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous aj said...

I've seen some pretty cushy truck rigs with sleeping quarters, small fridges, etc. But I believe most of your friends would be happy to have you crash at the, er, job site. So you'd only need it for long stretches between friends...and I'm not sure how many of those you'll end up having. Case in point: how many different routes do you have between Waterloo and LonGiland?

MMM, fryolator oil...

Happy trails!


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