im in ur NAS

Sarah and I spent Memorial Day weekend in New York, both seeing New York City, as well as introducing her to my family. Yeah, ulp! It actually went very well--she liked them a lot, and I think my family liked her too!

But that's not what this post is about (I'll post on the weekend later).

I normally like to make sure that people have the photos I took of an event--so one of my to-do items was to upload the folder to S.'s NAS. However, she was out that evening, at camera club.

But wait... hrm... can I get wireless signal on her porch?

Apparently, yes! So she got an email message, with the attached image and caption:

im in ur NAS uploadin weekend pikchurs

I have to say one of the more amusing "im in ur base" riffs was this classical one.


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